Steven Le Priol


8 january > 26 february 2011

Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain presents the works of Steven Le Priol, a young artist living in Paris.

Steven Le Priol's, work is characterized by the use of modest mediums (drawings, modelling, cut-outs). Yet, beyond the immediate “charming” quality of his pieces, a whole universe unravels, marked by the cruelty and violence of the world.

Criminal cases, ordinary violence, chronicles of a society obsessed with power: everything here is pinpointed in a seemingly frivolous way. Continuing with his previous work, HANTISES combines references to conspiracy theories, fascism, history, collective fictional memory, horror films, ghosts and ghost trains; it brings together the notions of reality and fiction, history and memory, collective and personal.

This show will also be the occasion to present the new HANTISES catalogue, published with the support of the CNAP, Centre National des Arts Plastiques (texts by Françoise-Claire Prodhon and Sébastien Montéro). In a non-chronological order, this retrospective book returns to the roots of Steven Le Priol’s themes and subjects and shows other fields where he has expressed them such as video art, installation or performance.

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