Images de la Mélancolie

Miguel Rothschild

12 May > 23 June 2012

- Rise, pond, – Foam, roll over the bridge and under the trees ; – black drapes and organs – thunder and lightning rise and roll; – Waters and sadness rise and raise the Floods again. Because since they abated – oh, the precious stones burying themselves and the opened flowers! – It’s wearisome!

After the Flood - Arthur Rimbaud

Is the artist sad because he would have the lightness he sees around him but not through him? Maybe this lightness does not really exist, it might be imaginary, a projection that tried to emphasize through numerous works.

"Images de la Mélancolie" is the second exhibition of the Argentine artist at Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain. In continuation with his metaphorical creation, fruit of an obsessive work, he punches one by one the emblematic landscapes in the painting of Paul Signac, he perforates photographs revealing new spaces. He wants to reach the bottom of things and see what there is on the other side ... as far as the other side exists. Miguel Rothschild presents a brighter hope, like an awakening, a revival, he caresses the heat contained in the appearance of a rainbow product of an exhausting rain.
Melencolia A.D., blocky sculpture by Miguel Rothschild - inspired by the famous engraving by Albrecht Dürer - is entirely built with hundreds of color straws, which are interconnected to form the figure. His polyhedron, fragile, transparent and light, is a labyrinthine interior despite its strict geometric shape; it arouses in the spectator a feeling springing from childhood and its carefree games.

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