Ceux qui restent

Morgane Denzler

8 Septemeber > 11 October 2012

Every Saturday I went to Palestinian Market in the Beirut suburbs to buy these family portraits, photographs of daily life. These albums were looted in houses deserted during the Lebanese war.
I saved these images without any purpose, but I felt they were going to take part in a reflection on memory, which stands out as a highlight when travellry in Lebanon.
After trying in vain to question people and understand the history of the last thirty-five years, I went with my photos to the Arab Image Foundation and I met Akram Zataari and his assistant. I realized that nobody had won war, there was no Ministry of Education and with eighteen different communities, there was no history, no truth but thousands of stories.
Genuine cases of conscience, I decided to address these questions in my work without seeking the truth, but significantly, enough to understand the collective unconscious. So I decided to meet people with Alzheimer's disease irrespective of these religion and I presented the pictures purchased on the market without telling them ... They took ownership of of them and recognize themselves, explaining to me what they saw through their personal stories.

Having accomplished my work , I turned to directing. I'm trying to achieve 31 puzzles from partially destroyed photos each with its "legend" or history.

Morgane Denzler

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