Gold was used up

Matthias Reinmuth

9 September > 14 October 2017

A colour that comes from America and which is now running out.

Gold is a cliché in itself. It smells of imitation marble and cheap penthouse dreams. Like yacht safaris and glittering express elevators. It wants to be powerful, to draw with fountain pens, to pay with cards, to drip from golden taps and to clean up with golden toilet brushes.

Gold is dug out of the deep, dirty earth, shipped half way round the world and stored in deep cellars in dark, steel safes. Gold has skeletons in the closet.

Gold is boring, insistent and simply shines.

Only silence is golden. But we shouldn't be silent!

So what are you doing if you don't have any gold and you don't want to have any, but you would like to make something shine?

Compose colours side by side and on top of each other to make them shine and glow and glimmer.

Yellow-red, reddish orange, reddish brown next to green and violet, a dark blue that is shimmering from the background and will be woven like silk for kimonos, dense, like pixels flowing in light layers of varnish, like a breath of air in the morning, foggy, in the sky, completely nebulous and whispering from far away as a delicate promise.

Intangible transparency of small selective coincidences, a fuming, rousing oracle of Delphi.

Colour that is howling like a golden wave from the seventies. A glamour of freedom shouting over the Atlantic. Crying for California Dreaming, the Golden Gate, for Woodstock and Janis Joplin, for lighthouses of freedom and Odyssey in Space.

But the question coming up is: what is true, what is real?

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