Le délire des sages

Norton Maza

12 de Septiembre > 24 de Octubre 2009

In collaboration with Photoquai, the second image biennial of the world, organized by the Quai Branly Museum, the Gallery Bendana-Pinel Art Contemporain presents recent works by Norton Maza. Born in 1971 in Chile, grew up in exile in France and Cuba. He now lives in Santiago de Chile.

The models photographed and framed for this exhibition follow the line initiated by the series “Etude d’une symphonie du pouvoir éternel” (Studies for a symphony of eternal power). Norton Maza presents six new scenes emblematic of the daily horror that we are getting dangerously accustomed to see. Wether it is the devastation in Gaza, or financial speculation in the American Stock Market, the themes he develops describe the path of a growing amorality approved by all of us and incapable of getting rid of its own evidence.

Using toys, found, or recycled objects, and even objects made by himself, that he places in his models, Maza creates a parody of the entities that use reigning hyper-technologies with the aim of imposing their power. In this way, he introduces a type of discourse that speaks about the frailty of the victims, but also about of instability of the attackers. Original, loaded with bitter humor, his work is a irrevocable denunciation of the systems of power that rule our contemporary society.

Jorge Brantmayer, Karen Pazán, Javier Mansilla, Marcela Osorio, Carlos Osorio, Adrián Gutiérrez, Bernardita Arís

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