The Painting Series

Maria Friberg

28 april >18 june 2011

Maria Friberg have always considered her photographs and videos as still or moving paintings. In this new series, she has approached painting in a more literal and physical way, in regards to the production as well as the end result. The images in this series could be described as a documentation of a performance, where the individuals participate in a painterly process.

Just like the action painting of artists such as Jackson Pollock or the monochrome paintings by Yves Klein, the images are the direct results of the painterly gesture. Maria Friberg sets up a situation where the paint flows and the individuals perform an improvised choreography, surrounded by paint. The images are staged, but they have not been digitally altered. The process is partially random, the final result isn’t revealed until after the images have been developed.

With their chromatic, abstract eruptions, the images also refer to astronomical constellations or organic structures, they are simultaneously micro and macrocosmos.

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