Neutralité ambiguë

Ronald Moran

17 September > 28 October 2011

Bendana-Pinel | Art Contemporain presents from September 17th 2011 the works of Ronald Morán.

Simulacrum is essential in the paintings and installations of Ronald Morán. Morán creates totally static environments, mise en scene void of human characters. Installations are often domestic or familiar spaces covered with white industrial cotton. The subjects for Morán’s soft and quiet paintings also depict domestic objects or objects of violence sheathed in this same white nebulous material. Morán’s goal is to neutralize his subject and represent the impact of contemporary society’s lack of sensitivity to violence and the definitions of our domestic roles.

Morán deals here with the space where the violence is generated and the familiarity of the aggression. He recreates disturbing environments which contain the familiar context where war persists under a sneaky shape. The fight is uneven, disguised under the appearances of the common and any object of daily usage is a potential weapon.

Devoid of any human presence these installations mark the impact of the absence of sensibility of a contemporary society. Morán stigmatizes the aftereffects of the armed conflicts of Central America which left a society in state of war with an extreme urban criminality; a society of violence where nothing is resolved by dialogue.

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