Florencia Rodriguez Giles
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Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present « Caoides», the second solo exhibition of Florencia Rodriguez Giles at the gallery.

Chaoid* refers to a transpsychic phenomenon in which dreams, delusions, paranoid states and visions are transformed as they encounter the ordinary world. This transformation can also be understood as a flow of exchanges and interfaces that provide access to a reality as paradoxical as it is ambiguous.

This exhibition, tinted with a chaotic atmosphere, is set in the context of CAOs, an artistic health club located in La Plata, Buenos Aires, where the artist has lived and worked for many years. It's a place that welcomes people from different social backgrounds who are unable to adapt to the consensual world. They are usually marginalized or institutionally considered crazy, poor or inadequate.

This form of community life, full of hopes and frustrations, has given rise to various essays which, to some extent, attempt to make this disproportionate experience intelligible. These include Sensibles & Vengativxs, a video about the first year in the CAO, which presents an unfiltered, intimate diary, like a "collective vomit".

After three years of sharing unusual situations and extraordinary visions, a series of maps emerged, tracing the different spaces and states of encounter between the dreams of some, the delusions of others and the ordinary lives of all. These existential maps and cartographies in turn give rise to a body of drawings that turn pink some of the states that bring the CAO inhabitants together.

* This title paraphrases and denatures the meaning given to this concept by Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze.

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