Le ciel qui a vu des étoiles

Miguel Rothschild
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Bendana-Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present from September 6 to October 31 « Le ciel qui a vu des étoiles », the first individual exhibition of Miguel Rothschild in Paris.

The works of the Argentine artist living in Berlin have all a common topic: the sky. The sky as a romantic landscape, the sky as a religious promise, the sky as the symbol of night traumas and obsessions. Rotschild uses the sky and his meteorological phenomena as metaphors, which he shatters thereafter.

In his photographs, Rotschild conceives a world stringently personal, constituted of a rain of question marks, of innumerous thought snowflakes, of dissimilarly sized and shaped stars… adopting the support of the comics that he cuts, reassembles and pastes on celestial landscapes.

In the larger works, the artist regroups countless nails and pins of different diameters and colours in order to make them match perfectly with the night sky’s stars.

His film “The Messiah Fights Backs” is also a collage.It is a post-modern approach of the pop culture and comics, an admixture of tragedy, of comedy and photo novels. The artist’s work deals with low-budget movies, with clichés, invoking stereotypes, along with references to art history and to the work of the artist who -without losing his smile- gives emphasis to a melodramatic response to all matters of human existence.

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