Together We Stand

Francisca Aninat | Débora Bolsoni | Alberto Cont | Hirofumi Isoya | Matthias Reinmuth | Florencia Rodriguez Giles
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Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present "Together We Stand", a group exhibition highlighting the singular universes of 6 artists.

Francisca Aninat (Chile): The painting project "Vacíos de Voz" (Red, Black) is the product of a series of conversations that were held in waiting spaces. Different participants, while telling their memories and through establishing a process to visualize them, did the drawings and said the phrases shown in these works. The project is presented as an anthropological visual exercise, which intends to give tangibility to the abstraction in which memories are held.

In "Biblioteca manifesta", Débora Bolsoni (Brazil) uses ceramic coatings, most of them from the 1970s and 1980s; remains from demolished or abandoned real estate. Its labyrinthine configuration refers to public housing buildings or ruins. What interests Bolsoni in these works is to revolve the content of images that circulated as elements of decoration, but that by having occupied intimate spaces of thousands of public housing buildings in a stage of ascendance in Brazil, they become documents of identity. These objects are representative of the value we attach to the landscape we construct and to history. It is about relating the surface of domestic environments and the affective memory of the public, overlapping the form of the ways of inhabiting and producing knowledge.

In this work of Alberto Cont (Italy), "painter of colors", different layers of paintings, thin and translucent, literally veil the initial composition, obscuring it more or less intensely according to the chosen tone. "Riflessi" is the continuation of his previous work and highlights his particular technique of layering with this time a more radical perspective as his canvases became luminous vibration.

"The Lags" series of Hirofumi Isoya (Japan), a perfect “mise en abyme”, plays funny tricks on us. The photographs show a framed photograph falling from a shelf, yet when you look more carefully, you realize that the falling frame is the same frame that contains the photograph, and the shelf it falls from is right before your eyes. Generally speaking, a photograph captures an event that has happened in the past, but this particular photograph seems to predict what will happen in the future. In that sense, Isoya is starting to pull the future towards the present.

In his latest series entitled "Glimpse", Matthias Reinmuth depicts emotional landscapes reflecting the constant flow of sounds and images conveyed by the media and social networks that interfere in our daily lives. Reinmuth describes this series as the representation of the floating moment between two images or two consecutive sounds. The two paintings "Flying Tigers" and "Firecracker" are the reproduction of these permanent streams, sounds and images that create a feeling of serenity.

Florencia Rodriguez Giles (Argentina): "Biodelica" consists of a series of drawings which deal with the strength of life (bios), that manifests itself (delia) in everything; in bodies, in pleasure of those who are capable of it, in the imagination, in meetings between the species, in all worlds which are invented and emerge constantly in the biosphere. It is also about an impersonal and universal strength which can take the most unpredictable forms. In this body of work the strength is created by a community of vaginal and strong beings which spout flows of life in a ceaseless way and from every breach.

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