La Tactilia

Arnaud Dezoteux
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Impossible trailer of an abandoned project, LA TACTILIA takes place in the shadow of the Habib / Kelly / Émilie video. Shadow ? Rather invisible scheme, prologue and epilogue at the same time. Teenagers are thrown into a retro-futuristic universe, halfway between the dark representations of imaginary science fiction cities (Blade Runner) and litfronts of fast food light stores (kebab). Specifically, between dystopian realism and realistic dystopia. By promoting the a risky neologism, «tactilia», the trailer slides on images at the speed of sharp and lyrical guitar solos ;-) Inviting to rediscover the three teenagers in a hallucinatory and dreamlike atmosphere of a television soap opera.

Autonomous and viral filmic object, LA TACTILIA summarizes the approach of Arnaud Dezoteux. It is paradoxically that through the outrageous artifice he gradually became interested in the humanity of his characters, this irreducible fragility made by way of a balance of power and uncertainty. He invents the beginnings with an augmented and then an impoverished reality that we could call «de-compositing». Arnaud Dezoteux approaches an unlikely realism. In these portraits of extras he is experimenting the hypothesis that an accumulation of effects could act as a revealer. The videos of Arnaud Dezoteux contain a clear code assuming a new post-Raëlien naturalism.

Guillaume PARIS/ Arnaud DEZOTEUX

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